Reaching The Hearts Of Women, As We All Benefit, For She Is Connected To Everyone!​


The Mission

 Proverbs 31:30 (AMP) - Charm and grace are deceptive, and [superficial] beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD [reverently worshiping, obeying, serving, and trusting Him with awe-filled respect], she shall be praised.

              Helping Each and Every Lady Survive A NJ Nonprofit Corporation (HEELS), exists to help women in any chapter of life by encouraging them to know we are never alone (Hebrews 13:5), that we are overcomers (Romans 8:37), and that we are a part of a beautiful Sisterhood, we need one another (Ecclesiastes 4:9-11). In applying our mission we take the time to minister to the heart and core of our being by holding in office one-on-one, group, or family meetings, being available via phone to encourage, advise or just listen, facilitating quarterly meetings on specific topics, and facing the hard truths of life together in unity. HEELS even serves as a connector, if we are unable to assist you, we will provide you contact information of a better-suited organization. All in doing so by understanding, if we want to see change in the world, it must begin in our hearts first (Proverbs 31:30).